How To Look Elegant On A Budget!

Tips on How to Look Elegant on a Budget

Every style-savvy person tries to be classy and elegant. You’d be wrong to think that only the rich can pull off an elegant look – anyone can, and on a budget! Looking elegant requires that you take your time and put in the effort to take care of your appearance. You don’t have to break the bank for an elegant look. It all starts with understanding your style and finding the right mix. Even without spending much on your wardrobe, keeping your existing clothes and items looking clean and crisp can make a huge difference.

Here are tips on how to look elegant on a budget and keep your style game on top.

Put Your Hair Up

Proper styling your hair goes a long way in achieving an elegant look. While an up-do isn’t necessary, it is most preferred when your goal is to look elegant. However, it is important to choose a minimal and subtle hairstyle. An up-do is great for flattering your face shape and accentuating your strong features. Where clips and pins are needed, be sure to choose subtle accessories that are easy to conceal.

Avoid Big Logos

For an elegant look, your pieces of choice should be simple – no big logos and graphics! Big logos on your clothes make your outfit look overly casual and laid-back. Basic pieces, including t-shirts and tops, come in handy for a classy look. Luckily, these can be shopped from any cloth store at a budget.

Do the Right Makeup

When it comes to makeup, there are plenty of options given its versatility. You can choose to be dramatic, subtle, or colorful. For an elegant look, however, you have to tone down your makeup. With makeup, there are essentials you can’t afford to overlook.

One of those is picking the perfect foundation. Stick to minimalism, and should ensure that the foundation is applied evenly. Be sure to prime your skin beforehand by washing, toning, and moisturizing. The goal is to look refined, and should, therefore, stick to your shade and avoid doing too much to conceal imperfections.

Lip color also helps greatly in achieving an elegant look. Wearing a red, coral or pink lip helps you amplify your look instantly, even with simplistic wear. Most importantly, choose a tone that you’re comfortable and bold enough to wear.

Another tip on how to look elegant on a budget is keeping your nails well done. An elegant look calls for manicuring, filing, and maintaining medium-sized nails. Chipped and crooked nails tend to look messy and can easily water down your look.


Getting the right accessories for an elegant look doesn’t have to put a dent in your savings. A classic wristwatch is a great accessory since it goes with any outfit. You can also wear a statement necklace, especially when wearing a minimalist out. Getting budget-friendly ‘diamond’ earrings is also a great passion, given their understated elegance.




Wear Statement Sunglasses

An elegant look goes hand-in-hand with composure. Bright light can affect your vision, and subsequently, your composure. To avoid these, wear sunglasses during the day. While there are no rules this, getting affordable statement sunglasses that suit your face gives you that elegant look.

Layer with Jackets and Blazers

Jackets and blazers are not only great for keeping you warm – they are a simple and inexpensive way of making you look more stylish. Blazers and jackets go well with a t-shirt, dress, or blouse and help you feel better dressed.

Belt it up

Adding a belt gives any outfit that classy and elegant vibe since your clothes get a structured appearance. Belts, however, go well with fabrics like cotton and neoprene since they are stiff. The same applies for pants: choose tapered, tailored pants or wide-legged pants for their stiff fabric.




Choose Neutral Color

Picking on the right color can be challenging. As such, it is important to stick to neutral colors that are easy to style. Nude colors, classic brown, beige, and camel are the right picks for an elegant look since they never look wrong.

Smell Good

A common trait among those who maintain an elegant look is a signature scent. Ensure that it is refreshing, mild, and subtle to avoid overshadowing everything else about your outfit.

If you were wondering how to look elegant on a budget, these tips would surely come in handy. Some basics of maintaining a classy and elegant look are minimalism and choosing the right colors of your pieces.




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