7 Cool Ways You Can Wear Wide Leg Pants

7 Ways On How To Wear Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants have been around for decades and this former trend has become the new modern look that is trending in the world of fashion. However, even though this fun and flattering trend have become more popular in the world of fashion, most women do not know how to adapt to this new look or how to make it work for them. If you want to look glamorous and amazing in this new outfit, here are 7 ways on how to wear wide leg pants.

7 Different Ways You Can Wear Wide Leg Pants.

1. High Waisted Flare Pants With A Tucked-In Top.

High waisted flare pants can be worn with either a tucked-in top or a slim-fitting top. You can choose to wear any of these tops depending on your taste in style. Moreover, make sure that the color of the top matches your high waisted flare pants. Tucked-in tops will make your legs look longer and they also provide balance for people with wider hips.


2. Wide Flare Pants With Crop Tops.

Crop tops are also convenient to wear with wide flare pants. Since the upper which includes the belly button, abdomen and stomach will be covered, you can choose to reveal a little bit of your skin by wearing crop tops. Moreover, you can always wear a flowy and looser crop top if you want to balance out what you are wearing from top to bottom.

crop top

3. Denim Flare Look.

Flare pants are made of different fabrics are style. From classic khakis, plain cotton to boho flowy silk. This gives you the privilege of creating a unique look by wearing chiffon tops with denim flare pants. You can also add a structured blazer to your outfit to polish your dress-up look. Moreover, if you do not have wide hips, you can wear high-rise denim flare pants so that you can emphasize more on your slim figure.


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4. Wide Flare Pants To The Bottom With Long Jacket.

If you want to look good in wide flare pants, then you might want to work out with proportions. Therefore, you can wear long wide flare pants that reach the bottom with a long jacket. To keep you warm in the evening hours, put on a tucked-in top that matches with your long jacket. This unique style is perfect for everyone's body shape and size. This long jacket for the fall would be great!



5. Avoid Bulky, Short Jackets.

Wide leg pants can be worn with almost anything. But, other outfit options can make you look wider even when you have a beautiful slim figure. Therefore, to make sure that you always look good in wide-leg pants, avoid wearing bulky short jackets. That is because they will hide your hourglass shape that most women try to achieve when dressing up.

6. Culotte Style Pants For Flare Look.

If you do not have an idea of how to wear wide-leg pants and look good, then you can try on the Coulotte style pants. To look cool with this outfit, all you have to do is look for a cropped fitted shirt that will match with your pants. As for the shoes, you can put on put on pumps or sandals if you want to achieve a more casual look.


7. Wide Leg Pants For Street Style Look.

You can also wear wider leg pants if you want to create a street style look. This type of relaxed, laid back fashion look can be worn on any occasion. To achieve this look, you can put on a casual top that has a plunging neckline with wide-leg pants at the bottom. As for the shoes you can put on pumps that match with your top.

8. Boho Fashion Vibe.

Bohemian fashion is a new trend that seems to be taking over the fashion industry. That is because this type of fashion is available in different prints, which makes it easy to style. To achieve a boho-chic look, put on printed wide-leg pants with a lace top. But, make sure that the lace top you chose to wear is not too long so that it does not hide your body shape.


boho top




These are some of the best ways on how to wear high rise wide-leg pants. Moreover, always make sure that your wide-leg pants fit perfectly so that they can be comfortable for you to wear.

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