10 Ways To Create A Modern Bohemian Clothing Style In 2020

10 Ways To Create A Modern Bohemian Clothing Style In 2020.

When it comes to the bohemian clothing style, it is safe to say that it is here to stay. The truth is that boho style is one of those things that will never surely go away, with modern bohemian trends taking over. If you are someone who appreciates the bohemian ensemble but wants to give it a modern twist, then you have come to the right place. To be honest, styling bohemian looks may look easy, but mastering the contemporary take on it can be a daunting task. However, worry not. Below is a guide on how to become a certified modern boho woman. Read on to find out the ten ways to have a modern bohemian clothing style, whether in distressed jeans, floor-sweeping maxi dresses, or flowing kimonos.

Layered Jewelry.

As a modern boho, one of the tricks to use is to layer up on your jewelry. No matter how simple you want your look to be, layering will transform a simple look into an unforgettable one. You will ensure that you are on-trend, and also have fun while doing it. Another trick that you can sue is to pair your new and vintage pieces of jewelry together. This look will be astounding.

Do Not Forget Your Maxi Dress.

Nothing screams bohemian more than a free-flowing maxi dress. As much as these dresses have been worn for ages, you can add a modern take on it. One of the ways to spice it up is to use an embellished belt. You can also add some layered jewelry, and you will have a fantastic boho ensemble.

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Boot Up!

Adding those boots that you have not worn for years to your outfit can change your ordinary look to an extraordinary modern boho one. You can wear boots with your summer dress or jeans. A pair of suede boots can also elevate your regular look.

Layer It Up.

When it comes to keeping your bohemian style modern, layering up your clothes cannot be overstated. You can do this with your clothing. An example of this is by wearing an ankle-length kimono over a maxi dress. You can mix up your styles, to ensure that your personal taste stands out. However, ensure that you keep it simple and not overdo it.

Have A Sophisticated Look For The Office.

The notion that bohemian styles are only for festivals and outdoors is not valid. This is a misconception that should be taken as such. You can infuse your office outfits with a little modern bohemian look. The secret to doing this is to use simple silhouettes such as pencil skirts and button-downs. You can also incorporate some velvety fabrics, suede and lace inserts into your outfits. You will be surprised at how well it turns out.

Texture Is Paramount.

The texture of your outfits makes a significant difference when it comes to modern boho styles. Play with textures, according to your taste. You can add lace, velvet, and even furs. These textures will add an element of urban bohemian styles, whether it is on bold patterns or tapestry and paisley prints.

Incorporate Ethnic Pieces To Your Outfits.

As a modern bohemian woman, another way to incorporate these styles into your dressing is to have some ethnic pieces. An example of this is hand embroidered dresses or handmade jewelry. Incorporate ethnic pieces or tribal accessories will add more boho credits on your look.

Minimalistic Fashion.

If you are a minimalist, and you are wondering if you will be able to pull off a modern look, then the answer is yes! You can sport this trend and have fun while doing so. An example is to wear a printed jacket and monochromatic pants. This will look simple, but it will achieve the look you are looking for.

Use Vintage Styles.

You can add some vintage pieces to your outfit to give it a boho look. An example is wearing bomber jackets that have old designs on them. You can also have a vintage handbag to achieve this look.

Mix And Match Prints.

Another critical element of modern boho looks is the mixing and matching of prints. This may look easy, but it is a complicated process, especially if you do not know what you are doing. However, to achieve this look, you should be bold and wear the look fearlessly. Use your imaginations to bring your outfits to life. Also, ensure that the different details that are building your look tell the same story to ensure it comes out great.

As seen above, dressing like a modern bohemian is not that hard; all you need is to create your style and have fun while doing it. With the above ideas, you will be able to pull off this bohemian clothing style, without looking confused and out of place.


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