How To Look Classy On A Budget

In today's world and the every changing trends when it comes to Fashion and the raising prices of inflation. Many have had to cut back on expenses and some of those cuts are in the area of personal style.  Which leaves many wondering how they can still look classy on a budget without hurting the bank. 

There are many ways that one can look fashionable on a budget and not hurt their financial situation. Lets examine some of these techniques that can be used. 

Wear Black 

If you wear black and I mean black with anything it instantly allows you took look slimmer and classy. Black goes with anything and it is the ultimate signature color for classy statement pieces. 


classy black top

Build a Capsule Collection 

Try to buy quality items from resale shops or vintage stores that are of quality material and will last a long time. Pieces of designers clothing bought at a discount stores can fit the body better, and will last a long time. These items can be added to your capsule collection and mix with a lot of pieces weekly.  

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bohemian dress


Less is Best 

Minimize the the amount of accessories that you wear with your clothing, too many accessories can make one look cheap. Focus on two no more then three accessories. You don't want anything to clash with your bag or clothing pieces.


cheap simple black dress




Pointy Shoes

Whenever you do go out, try to wear pointy shoes with your skinny jeans or dresses. Pointy shoes show elegance and also make the body look long and slender.


These are some of my Tips on how to look classy on a budget. Tell me what are some of your tips on looking fashionable on a budget. 


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