10 Must Have Spring Clothing Trends For Women!

Want to go shopping for new clothes to wear during the springtime but not sure exactly what to get? Find out about the 10 must have spring clothing trends for women. You should know about these trends so that you can fill your closet with the most fashionable pieces.

Bike Shorts

Making a comeback for the spring, bike shorts are comfortable, convenient to wear when you are on the go, and they have been worn by various models on the runway as well as different celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. You can find them in different colors, bold prints, and unique designs that are sure to match with some of your favorite basic t-shirts and sandals while you are enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.

Crocheted Pieces

It has been popular before and it is popular once again! Crochet is in for the springtime season. You will find all sorts of crocheted pieces available for women, including bottoms and tops that come in a variety of colors. Many of the crocheted pieces are crop tops and shorts, but some crochet-style dresses will be available, too.


Bright Colors

As the weather starts getting warmer, it is the perfect time to start bringing out those bright colors. One thing you should know is that neon colors are going to be extremely popular this spring. Women will have no problem finding dresses, t-shirts, skirts, and other garments in shades of neon yellow, pink, green, and orange. If you love the neon look, you are good to go this season!


green shorts



While you may think of dance class when you think of wearing a leotard, these pieces are among the top 10 spring clothing trends for women. They will look perfect when paired with skinny jeans or a pair of the bike shorts. Many of the fashionable leotards have plunge necklines and are just a bit revealing in all the right ways.


Transparent Shoes

Who would have though you would be trading in your classic black heels for a pair of transparent ones? The transparent look is starting to become quite popular and is going to be big during the spring months. You should have no problem finding transparent boots, heels, sandals, and plenty of other footwear to put on your own feet when getting dressed for the day. If Rihanna is getting in on the trend, you definitely know it is a good one!


transparent shoes


Darker Denim

When trying to achieve that simple and classic look, you can pull out the dark denim and pair it with your favorite leotard or crocheted crop top. Darker shades of denim are going to trend throughout the next several months. The great thing about dark denim is that it is so flattering!



The fringe is in this spring, so make sure you look through your closet and pull out any of those fringed items you may have forgotten about over the years. And, if you do not own any fringe, now is the time to start shopping for it. Once you check out the women’s clothing stores, you will easily find beautiful dresses, cropped tops, and even skirts with fringe. In fact, many women are making such a statement with fringe that they are even wearing fringe-style earrings!


Zebra Print Everything

It was not that long ago that leopard print was in style. However, leopard print is taking the backseat as zebra print becomes more popular than it has ever been before. Many of the garments you will find with the zebra print are gowns and maxi dresses that would look stunning with a pair of black or white sandals and a large floppy beach hat.

zebra print top

Multi-Colored Maxi Dresses

If you love colors and you enjoy wearing comfortable maxi dresses, you are in luck. Women can confidently wear these trendy dresses when going shopping, heading to the beach, or even hanging out with friends.

pink maxi dress


Paper Bag Shorts

They were popular last spring and the trend is still going. If you want to have a classic look, paper bag shorts belong in your closet. You can pair them with a beautiful blouse and a pair of heels or flats for a casual yet professional appearance.


khaki paperbag shorts


These are the top 10 spring clothing trends for women that you should know about if you are looking to purchase new clothes and want to stick with the trends. There are plenty of amazing garments that are currently quite popular and should be added to any fashionista’s closet.


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