10 Fall Fashion Pieces You Absolutely Will Want To Wear Right Now

Fall Fashion 2018 has now approached us and the store's are switching out the old summer items from the new ones. And adding the fall clothing items to the shelves.  In fact many parts of the country snow is even beginning to fall down on top of the ground. 

I'm a Florida girl and I have never ever seen any snow fall in Florida at all, the closest I have ever come to seeing any snow like substance in Florida was in the late 80's and we had a hard freeze overnight. Which means the  temperature dropped to below 20 degrees and that night, and I woke up to frozen ice crystals by the outside water pipes in the morning. It was so cool to me that I knew one day I would see snow. 

In fact last year on our family trip to the Montanans I got to see snow full force and in full effect with my kids for the very first time. 

It was magical....

And I'll never forget it, one thing I will also never forget was the beautiful weather and many different clothing items I could wear day to day and switch it up from the norm. 

Right now its not snowing, but we do get some fall weather here in Florida in fact it can be great too!


Here are 10 Fall Fashion Must Haves that you can wear right now in Fall seasons that are absolutely cute and charming. 

1. The Uptown Girl Midi Dress

This dress is so cute and chic and little longer past the knee to keep your legs warm during the fall fashion season.



2. Sexy Cold Shoulder Top 

Get nice and cozy and stay cute with this sexy cold shoulder top.


3.Gull Grey Romantic Blouse

Perfect free flowing drapey gull grey Romantic blouse! This ultra cute blouse is lightweight and super comfortable with a sheer feel to the touch and look. 


4. Olive Green Fringe Skirt

This Olive fringe mini skirt is so cute and oh so comfortable, to touch it feels like suede. So cute and extra girly and trendy. 


5.  High Rise Girlfriend Jeans

Sexy cute classy pair of jeans that are dark washed in the front and side hem. 


6. Blue Fog Trench 

Our Blue Fog long-sleeve trench coat is so lightweight it feels like a blouse.


7. Fringe Tassel Fish Hook Earrings


8. Misty Mauve Maxi Dress

Sexy misty mauve or Blush pink maxi dress that is so comfortable and sexy with two slits on each side.


9. The Edge Maxi Skirt

This maxi skirt is flowy and comfortable and sexy all at the same time. 


10. Come Get Me - Black High Waisted Pants 

Super comfy stretchy Womens Black High Waisted Pants with side buckle on the side.


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